Fort Bend, Houston Emergency Roof Repair

The #1 roofing contractor in Houston is also the best repair company for a leaking roof.

Causes of Roof damage

  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Tree damage
  • Fire damage
  • Pest/Animal damage
  • Leaks into attic
  • Leaks into living spaces
  • Missing Shingles

Types of repairs that we do

  • Emergency Tarping
  • Temporary patches
  • Replace missing shingles
  • Replace missing roof tiles
  • Reseal flashings & vents
  • Replace damaged roof decking
  • Replace damaged soffits
  • Clean clogged gutters
roof repair houston texas,

When your roof is damaged the first priority is to tarp or temporarily patch the damaged area to protect the rest of your home from water damage caused by a leaking roof. Our service team acts fast to stop water intrusion to prevent any further damage. Once the damage area is covered and the leak is controlled, our team will provide you with an estimate to correctly repair your roof and schedule the full repairs.

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